Our Vision:
To Bring the Multicultural Communities together through a communication platform that being the MCNA Newspaper.

Our Mission:
To strive to connect the Multicultural community giving them the voice and ability to showcase their culture and heritage through our newspaper platform and events.

Our Objectives:
1. To disseminate Multicultural News happening daily through the website, social media, and the monthly newspaper.
2. To give the opportunity to express their views to the Multicultural Communities living in Australia.
3. To create and organise events that will bring Multicultural Communities in Australia together to showcase
their culture and Heritage.
4. To disseminate the vital information to the multicultural population in Australia about the Multicultural
Communities living in Australia as well as back home in their countries.
5. To be the connection between the CALD communities in Australia and all levels of Government, in policy making, and decision making in the Parliament.

September Issue

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